HRDESK A CLOUD-Based Human Resource Information Systems Solutions

      Over the year, long payroll process, and securing the timekeeping can be a huge problem for companies.

      To put an end in this dilemma, we at iSpark Technologies, Corp. and Information Managers, Inc., innovated
HRDesk--a Cloud-based Human Resource Information System that provides a better HR Management. It is a powerful payroll solutions that helps you manage your whole business with simple and easy-to-use yet highly efficient HRIS.

       HRDesk is geared with special features like offline and online setting--using internet connection when transmitting and consolidating data in a cloud which means you can save a lot from internet spending. It speeds up the process on your payroll cycle by eliminating the unnecessary process like manual encoding and computation. This lessens the human error with more accurate computation and you can avoid delays on payday to prevent complaints from employees. HRDesk also offers solution that will prevent Time Theft wherein business owners pays only what the employees have worked for--no more, no less.

       To top it all, HRDesk is equipped with all these intelligent and efficient application and modules YET still very affordable! Without expensive upfront investments, HRDesk is made to be an affordable yet high class Human Resource Information System solution!



       No need to buy expensives and bulky servers. Access all your data in just one click, anywhere, anytime, even if you you are not in the office.

Branch Authority Levels

       Supervisors and Branch managers can already verify the timecards from their respective branches making it easier and less work for the head office.

Works Offline and Online

       Employees can still clock in and clock out even without internet connection thus lets you save a lot from internet spending and courier expenditures.

Guarantees more secured Time keeping

       Accurately and automatically inputs the Time-In and Time-Out of every employee. Helps you prevent useless overtime, ghost employees and eliminates human error in time keeping.

Simplifies the Payroll Process

       HRDesk significally reduces the payroll cycle by eliminating the unnecessary process like manual encoding and computation.

Smart and Efficient Calculations

       Calculates the number of hours worked based from raw Time-in and Time-out, then automatically computes basic pay, overnight pay, premium pay, holiday pay, right differential, SSS, WT, Phil-Health, Pag-Ibig and Ecola.


  • No need to wait for the end of the week or the end of cut-offs to collect your data, you can get all your reports, even from different locations, REAL TIME.
  • Eliminates manual collection of Time Cards from Different Branches.
  • Lessens human error with more accurate computation. Avoid delays on paydays and time consuming adjustments.
  • Less time will be spent on paperwork, letting you focus on more important tasks.
  • With a more secured timekeeping, business owners will only pay for what the employees have worked for. No more, no less.
  • By having their own user access, employees can now view their time cards, payslip and file leaves without the need to go to the head office.